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I am strongly drawn to hexagons for their stability and hidden possibilities. I combine hexagons, numerals and bright primary colors to create original pieces and express the strength and beauty of life through them.

My family runs a fruit shop. I grew up surrounded by fresh fruits and their glowing colors. So, it was natural for me to choose primary colors to paint with. I also observed how certain colors of baskets made the fruits they held in them look more attractive and how different fruits were arranged in placement. It was fascinating to see how seemingly clashing colors actually complimented one another and came together in the end. I believe my childhood experience in this environment was the origin of my artistic career.

My attraction to hexagons owes to the following reason. Hexagons abound in nature. They are found, for instance, in the DNA and RNA bases, snow crystals, water molecules, the compound eyes of a dragonfly, and granules on the Sun’s photosphere caused by convection currents. A honeycomb is the quintessential natural hexagonal formation. It is flexible, strong, and sound and shock absorbent. Because of these qualities, the honeycomb structural materials are ideal for and used in house walls, aircraft wings and walls, and satellite bodies and panels floating in outer space. The proven superiority is the reason the shape appeals to me.

I would also like to explain why I have chosen numerical figures as a theme. We cannot function in our daily life without the use of numerals, namely the Arabic numerals. These universally used figures are also the most familiar of all symbols to us today. Numerals play an important role when specifying birthdates, time, latitude/longitudes, and other matters of science and technology. The invention of numerals blessed us with the tool of symbols and a foundation for logical thinking. Needless to say, they contributed to the development of science-based civilization as a step to build a beautiful human society.

Hexagons that hold multitudes of hidden possibilities, numerals that hold value to the human race, and brilliant primary colors—by combining these elements I aim to depict the power and wonders of life. I place faith in all possibilities as I paint, with the hope that my work goes beyond visually invoking a sense of empowerment in the viewers and farther spreads a feeling of happiness to many.


KUMIKO    MAMETSUKA (b.1984, Fukuoka, Japan)


Group Exhibitions

  • 2019Art expo New York 2019(New York Piar 90)
  • 2018Tokyo Tower Arts Festival III, (Tokyo Tower, Tokyo, Japan)
  • 2015France-Japan Multinational Contemporary Art Exhibition, (The National Art Center, Tokyo, Japan)